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About your eye test

It’s not only about your prescription, you know…

Our role as highly experienced optometrists is primarily to ensure that your eyes are healthy, in most cases giving you peace of mind that all is well.

Using the most up-to-date digital technology we will conduct a comprehensive examination and if appropriate perform special tests to check for glaucoma and diabetes.

During your 30 minute eye examination we will take into account your medical and family eye history. We may also recommend more diagnostics tests if we feel these are necessary.

Whenever we check your eyes we are looking for a number of eye conditions, some of which may not be apparent to you.

These could be developing slowly and may not produce symptoms.  However, our tests will identify any problems and where necessary prompt us to refer you to an ophthalmologist.

We highly recommend retinal photography as an extra process. This gives both you and us the benefit of being able to save and store results for future comparison.

In addition, we have the equipment and experience to work with young children and people with communication difficulties. Dyslexia testing is available as well.