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    Lenses and coatings

    Varifocal lenses

    As we get older, our eyes slowly lose the ability to focus up close. Varifocal lenses are designed to give you the most natural vision possible at all distances (from movie screen to menu!)

    Unlike a bifocal, there is no set line defining distance and near vision. Instead, the prescription increases gradually through the lens, meaning you will be able to see clearly in the distance when looking ahead, up close when looking towards the bottom of the lens, and everything else in between!

    At Kelly Eyecare we dispense a wide range of lens designs to make sure we have the right product for you. From low-cost lenses for occasional use, right through to more sophisticated lenses using the latest technology to give you the widest field of vision possible.

    The technology used to design varifocal lenses is evolving and improving all the time, so if you have ever had problems getting used to varifocal lenses, the chances are you haven’t tried the latest designs. The newest lenses are made digitally, giving you a more stable and natural vision than ever before.

    All our varifocal lenses come with a 30-day money back guarantee, so why not give them a try.

    Average varifocal – less distortion Basic varifocal –
    more peripheral distortion
    Premium varifocal – wide, clear vision


    Office lenses

    If you don’t need glasses for distance but finding you need help with intermediate vision and close work, our wide selection of modified lenses, designed to maximise visual comfort and clarity in the office, can help make your working life a lot easier.

    More sophisticated than single vision reading glasses, these lenses are designed for indoor use, and can help you focus at all distances from reading to computer use, to the edge of your fingertips.

    Whether you are looking at a screen all day, or require lenses to perform at more varied distances, we have a lens to suit you.

    They also come with a special finish which protects your eyes from harmful blue light omitted from most modern devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers. It also helps prevent premature eye ageing and reduces the risk of cataracts and AMD.

    Office lens


    Thin and light lenses

    Using a denser, higher index material, we can reduce both the weight and the thickness of your spectacle lenses, making your spectacles much lighter, more comfortable to wear, and much better-looking cosmetically.

    Upgrade to thin and light lenses


    Polarised Sun Lenses

    With polarised lenses you can eliminate reflected glare, making outdoor activities such as driving and cycling less of a strain on your eyes.

    They look like normal tinted sun lenses but contain a special filter which blocks reflected light, reducing glare from bright sunlight and improving your vision.

    Polarised lenses are fantastic for driving as you will no longer experience reflections on your windscreen whilst driving, and they are also great on water as they reduce the glare from the water’s surface (perfect if you’re fishing or out on your boat).

    They are also great for skiing, water sports and a host of other activities.!

    Come in and see us for a demonstration.

    No glare with polarising lens Glare without polarising lens


    Transitions lenses

    Lightweight plastic transitions lenses quickly and automatically adjust to your lighting conditions.

    In sunshine they are as dark as conventional sunglasses, while in brighter light they darken enough to reduce the glare. Once you go indoors they soon revert to complete transparency.

    Transition lenses also protect your eyes against the ultraviolet light that can damage your eyes.

    Light reactive lenses


    State of the art ‘reflection-free’ finishes

    Also known as “anti-glare” coatings, they tackle the five main obstacles to clear vision: reflections, smudges, scratches, dust and the fogging caused by water droplets.

    Our premium lens coating gives you the most advanced and durable no-glare option. It also gives you unique water repellence and 25 times better UV protection, as well as a 2-year guarantee against scratches.

    Our latest addition also offers complete protection against harmful blue light, while also helping to prevent premature eye ageing and reduces the risk of cataracts and AMD.

    Uncoated lenses show annoying reflections Multicoated lenses – the natural look