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    Terms and Conditions


    Terms and conditions:

    1 Both pairs of lenses must have a Crizal UV (multi-anti-reflective) finish.

    2 Both pairs of spectacles must be for the same person and the prescriptions must be identical unless ONE pair is single vision.

    3 Where the 50% discount is available it will be applied to the pair with the lower price.

    4 While we recommend you order both pairs at the same time, there will be a 30 day window in which you can delay ordering your second pair.

    (Any orders placed AFTER this time will not be eligible for the second pair offer and will be charged at full price as a new ‘first’ pair.)

    5 Tint options on complementary pairs are based on Essilor full standard tints.


          + Hardcoated and uncoated lenses

          + Glass lenses

          + Mirror-tinted lenses

          + Customer sample matched tints (i.e to match the colour of your own current sun lenses)

    These exclusions are still available with 50% off the price.

    6 Frames must be over £39.95 to qualify for a second pair. The second pair may be your own frame or from our all-inclusive value range in order to be complimentary, or you can upgrade to a designer frame and receive 50% off.