Leave your glasses at home and experience freedom with contact lenses

New technology and lens materials mean that contact lenses have never been so comfortable or affordable. 

Our contact lens experts are fully trained fitters and can discuss a wide variety of contact lenses products that will suit your needs from specialist made-to-measure contact lenses to off the shelf options. Contact lenses are available as daily disposable, reusable (fortnightly or monthly) or extended wear. We also fit specialist contact lenses, such as rigid gas permeable lenses and contact lenses that can help control the symptoms of dry eyes

During your consultation (£35.00), we will discuss in detail your lifestyle and visual needs and assess your eyes thoroughly. Our Optometrists will make recommendations based on our findings and we will  give you an initial trial period for 5-7 days with FREE lenses. 


Before we let you go, we take as much time as you require to teach you how to insert and remove your lenses. We understand that this can be a daunting process but our expert team of will work with you to teach you techniques on handling your lenses. Rest assured, we will not let you go until we are totally satisfied that you are fully up to speed.


Contact  lenses are  classified as a medical device and can potentially damage your eyes. We will ensure that we give you clear advice and written instructions on how to look after your contact lenses as well as your eyes, and stay safe as a wearer.


We are able to fit all ages from approximately age 10yrs-70+yrs.


The following contact lens options can correct long sight, short sight and astigmatism and presbyopia;


Daily disposables

Daily disposables are perhaps the most versatile option. These single-use lenses can be worn as often as you need them, either full time or just as an alternative to glasses for a few hours.

Prices start from £25.00 per 30 pairs, including unlimited aftercare.



Multifocals are typically for people with mid-life reading difficulties. These lenses are also available as a one day or reusable lens. They are designed to replace both the long distance and reading prescription of your varifocal glasses and usually provide great all round vision. They are great for social occasions but in many cases they can be used instead of your spectacles. 

Prices start from £28.00 per month, including unlimited aftercare and all solutions.


Fortnightly/monthly disposable lenses

These excellent value lenses combine high performance and comfort with affordability.

Prices start from £15.50 per month, including unlimited aftercare and all solutions.



Some eyes are more the shape of a rugby ball than a football, which can affect the fine focus of your vision. This is astigmatism. When the astigmatism needs to be incorporated into a prescription in order to achieve good vision, we need to fit your eyes with a toric (or astigmatic) lens. It  is easy nowadays to correct quite a large amounts of astigmatism with modern contact lenses. They are just as comfortable, with the superior quality lenses that we select for our patients, as the single vision lenses. In most cases you will not be aware of any difference in the comfort. 

Prices start from £19.50 per month, including unlimited aftercare and all solutions.


24/7 wear

Modern materials allow excellent transmission of oxygen to the eye. As a result, you can now wear contact lenses 24/7 for up to a month at a time.

Prices start from just £29.00 per month, including unlimited aftercare.


Here are some handy frequently asked questions.

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