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Everything You Need to Know About Contact Lenses

Why should I try contact lenses?

Be free of glasses for sport (and get better peripheral vision)

Glasses can be an absolute nuisance when you’re being active.

Being active with glasses can mean that your glasses slip down when you get hot (e.g. running, tennis) or can’t be easily worn (e.g. swimming or snorkelling).

Contact lenses do also give better peripheral vision which is very useful for activities such as cycling.

Social use

Have a break from your glasses! Many people want to lose their glasses for those special occasions such as weddings, on holiday or even just going out socially at weekends.

Who can wear contact lenses?

Most people can wear contact lenses, even if they have astigmatism.

Can you wear contact lenses if you just need reading glasses, or wear varifocal lenses in your glasses?

Yes, you will probably need more chair time with your eye care practitioner (ECP). We have a good degree of success with these lenses.

Are contact lenses safe to wear?

We know that the well-recognised brands of contact lenses have to go through stringent safety measures before they are released for use. We would always advise you to make sure that you use a recognisable brand and be under the care of an ECP.

Things can go wrong and it can be very serious when it does.

Your ECP will always ensure that they examine your eyes annually. You will get the best advice and guidance at the outset and thereafter, the very best ongoing care.

What to think about before you book your contact lens appointment

Your level of motivation

A good ECP will assess just how much you want to wear lenses before attempting to fit you with lenses.

Motivation is the key factor, as lenses will need time and patience at the outset. They are quite fiddly and so you’ll need to be pretty keen to wear them.

We will never force you into wearing lenses, as you are more than likely going to give up if your motivation is low.

Your environment

Maybe if you are working on a building site, you would be best advised to keep to social use of lenses.

Do you want to wear them all day or just for social use only?

This will help and guide your ECP on the type of lenses that we recommend for you.


The monthly and two-weekly reusable lenses are generally less expensive but remember you will have to look after and store your lenses in solution every night. These lenses start from £20 per month.

The daily disposable (single use) lenses are easier to look after; you do not have to worry about putting them into a sterilising solution and you are less likely to pick up an eye infection. These lenses start from about £36 per month.

Extended wear lenses are also available and we do have a number of patients who wear them successfully, but you do need to be more careful as you are more likely to pick up eye infections using these lenses. These lenses start from £30 per month.

Your ECP will go through all the above, as well as looking at your prescription and examining your eye very carefully. We do specific checks to make sure that your eyes are suitable for contact lens wear and that you are likely to be compliant.

Make sure you put yourself (and your eyes) in the hands of the experts.


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