It is important to protect your eyes from blue and ultraviolet (UV) light all year round, not just in the summer. There are three types of ultraviolet radiation (UVR): A, B and C. UVC is generally blocked by the earth’s atmosphere, however, 90% of UVA and UVB reaches us.


Most people are aware of the damage UV light can do to the skin, but not to the eyes. Wearing sunglasses and a broad brimmed hat or cap helps to protect your eyes. Our experts are highly trained to advise you on the best lenses to protect your eyes based on your lifestyle.  Lenses with insufficient UV protection are more harmful than not wearing sunglasses at all. We all benefit from correctly fitting sunglasses  that will offer the correct level of eye protection and comfort - especially children.

Options include;


Polarising lenses eliminate glare, enhance colour and contrast, whilst protecting the eyes from damaging UV rays.


A range of timeless colours for men and women who want to look both chic and fashionable. 

Seeing is believing - Polorised lenses really do make a huge difference, come and see for yourself.

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