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Coronavirus Update

Updated: May 2023

Following the recent guidance update from The College of Optometrists announcing that universal mask wearing can be stopped, we are amending our Covid policy in response.

This means asymptomatic non-clinical staff, patients and visitors are no longer required to wear a face covering when in the practice.


However, our optometrists may continue to wear a face mask when performing procedures in close proximity to you.

You may also request that staff wear face coverings during your visit.


We will be maintaining our infection control procedures, disinfecting our consultation equipment between patients and also any spectacle frames tried on by browsers.

We believe this strikes the right balance between continuing to get back to a more normal state of affairs and maintaining good hygiene in the practice.


Naturally this will be kept under close review.

Infection control

We have undertaken infection control training. You can view our certification here.

Your health and wellbeing are extremely important to us and we have done everything that we can to make our practices as safe as possible.

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