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Tips for taking care of your new specs

  • Keep your spectacles in their case when you are not wearing them, this will protect your frame and lenses from becoming damaged. 

  • Use the cleaning cloth that we provide to clean the front and back surfaces of your spectacle lenses. Do not use abrasive materials such as tissues, clothes, towels etc.

  • Use a spectacle cleaning spray or moist lens wipes to clean your lenses. Do not use water, washing up liquid or soap as these could damage coatings. 

  • Take your spectacles off with both hands. This will reduce the chances of the frame becoming loose or becoming out of shape.

  • Come into our practice for a FREE regular spectacle ‘MOT’, during which we can assess the fit of your spectacles.

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Here are some tips for looking after your new glasses...


If you do experience a problem with your new spectacles, please call us and make an appointment to see our Dispensing Optician who will be able to help.


FREE lens cleaner

Kelly Eyecare are proud to support the environment in the fight against plastic and introduce our reusable lens clean spray bottles.  Pick up your FREE refillable bottle with this leaflet in store and guess what.... when it is empty, just bring it back for a bottomless refill every time completely free of charge!

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How We're Keeping You Safe

We are delighted to share that we are now open to resume our routine practice-based eye care.

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Patient Stories

“Eye test/examination was excellent and comfortable, everything explained to me clearly. Also, measurements explained clearly, service very good. I am very happy to recommend Kelly Eyecare in Winton, excellent reception and service all round.”


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