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Sports eyewear

At Kelly Eyecare we understand the need for you to see clearly while doing your sporting activities. We can incorporate your spectacle prescription into most types of sports eyewear.

We have a fantastic range of sports eyewear for a large variety of sports from deep sea diving to mountaineering.


It’s an exciting time in the world of sports eyewear: Recently we have seen an explosion of new tints, mirror tints and filters which will optimise your vision whatever the activity.

We have a wide selection of sports frames including wrap-around frames that can now be made up to your prescription. We aim to bring you a product that delivers maximum performance and looks great.


Adjusting Goggles
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Find Your Local Branch

Visit your nearest Kelly Eyecare branch in Bournemouth, Brockenhurst, or Ringwood.

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Book an Appointment

To book your appointment, phone your local branch or use the link below to book online.

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Designer Frames

See our large range of designer frames and discover your next look to suit all occasions.


Patient Stories

“I needed a new prescription and have used Kelly Eyecare before. They are very professional and the examination was thorough and friendly. The advice I received was great and I was helped to choose suitable glasses which reflected my personality.”


Carole D

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