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ACUVUE - The Most Trusted Brand by Eye Care Professionals in the UK

As a Johnson & Johnson premium partner, our experts are trained to fit all Johnson & Johnson lenses, including their leading contact lens brand, ACUVUE. We provide the best care to ensure you wear your lenses safely and get the best vision.

In this blog, we’ll look at the advanced technology ACUVUE uses and the key benefits, which makes them stand out as the most trusted brand amongst eye care professionals.

Vast Range

ACUVUE understands that every eye is different, so design their lenses to cover a wide range of common vision conditions and to cope well in challenging environments.

ACUVUE covers short and long sightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia (multifocal). They work well for dry and sensitive eye types and for those with allergies, as the brand keeps moisture in and irritation out. They are great for prolonged screen use and extended wear, or in dry or dusty challenging environments. In addition, the multifocal contact lenses negate the need for reading glasses.

ACUVUE contact lenses are available in daily disposable, 2-week or monthly, to match your preferred replacement frequency.

The Benefits

All ACUVUE contact lenses feature EYE-INSPIRED INNOVATIONS, which is advanced technology that works with your unique eyes, for clear, comfortable, healthy vision. You can expect:

Long-Lasting Comfort

ACUVUE’s ultra-thin, soft, flexible materials contours the natural shape of your eye to provide optimal comfort and a near-invisible feel.

Patented Technologies

ACUVUE’s lenses allow oxygen to pass through to your eyes and have patented wetted technologies to keep your eyes feeling hydrated all day long.

A first-of-its-kind Transitions Light Intelligent Technology is now available, reducing the stressful impact of bright light by adapting seamlessly to indoor and outdoor light, day and night.

UV Protection

ACUVUE’s contact lenses have an advanced UV absorbing ingredient to protect your eyes from the sun and prevent harmful UV radiation damage – the only contact lens to offer this level of protection.

Antioxidant Infusion

ACUVUE lenses are infused with antioxidants (4x the antioxidant capacity of Vitamin E) to help keep your lenses comfortable.

Optimised Design

With pupil-optimised design for multifocal vision, ACUVUE takes into account the natural variation of your pupil size, to enable clear vision, whether near or far.

Stable Clear Vision

ACUVUE lenses for astigmatism have four stabilisation zones that work naturally with the eyelids and use the blink to help keep the lens in place, so your vision is not affected by natural head and eye movements that would cause other contacts to rotate.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Johnson & Johnson are so confident you’ll be happy with your ACUVUE contact lenses, that they offer a money back guarantee. If you are not 100% happy with your contact lenses, they’ll give you your money back!

To experience ACUVUE lenses for yourself, please book a free consultation at your local branch with one of our experts.


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