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Benefits of Occupational Glasses

Do you struggle with your reading glasses?

Or perhaps you’re finding it a challenge to see objects clearly up close and further away?

Then occupational glasses could be just the thing for you…

What are occupational glasses?

As the name suggests, occupational lenses are designed with the modern-day lifestyle in mind.

They offer a flexible focal distance, going between a normal reading distance and as far away as 2.5 metres (room distance), which therefore includes a computer working distance, hence the name, occupational lenses.

They replace the old-fashioned fixed focus reading lenses, which only have a limited focal range, and were not designed for the digital world we now live in. They are rarely prescribed nowadays.

How you can benefit

Enhanced vision over a wide range

Occupational glasses bridge the gap between reading glasses and varifocals. They are designed for near and intermediate vision, so you won’t need to keep taking them on and off, or to look over the top of them to see clearly further away.

These lenses are much more versatile and enable the user to sit and view their various tasks both at near and at room distance, without the need to alter either head or body posture.

They are not varifocal lenses and new users do not usually have the adaptational problems that would normally experience with full varifocal lenses.

These enhanced reading glasses are very useful, whether your requirement is for use in the office or at home for reading or sewing.

They are valuable for most people, including people who just need help for reading and also for full time varifocal wearers.

Additional benefits

Blue light filter

As a nation, we are exposed to screens on all of our digital devices for prolonged periods during the day, which increases our exposure to blue light.

Here are some 2022 stats: more than 90% of 45–65-year-olds use a digital device every day, and 6 out of 10 people spend more than 4 hours in front of a screen.

The blue light coming from screens can cause eyestrain, fatigue and headaches.

Occupational glasses come with an optional advanced blue light filter coating on the lenses. They are therefore anti-glare and anti-fatigue lenses.

Incidentally, the coating also toughens the lenses and helps to protect the lenses against scratches.

To summarise

Occupational glasses can significantly improve the comfort and quality of your close vision, your posture, and reduce glare and fatigue when carrying out most near visual tasks.

Book a free consultation at your local branch today.

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