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Branch Manager, Debbie, Reveals Her ‘Go To’ Pair of Designer Glasses

With such a wide range of glasses available, it can be hard to choose which ones to go for. We spoke to Ringwood Branch Manager, Debbie Gregory, to find out what her favourite brand is and why, to get some inspiration.

Although Debbie has several favourite brands, her ultimate favourite is Silhouette, so much so, she wears them herself!

So, what makes Silhouette Debbie’s ‘go to’ pair of glasses?

Lightweight and comfortable

Silhouette is definitely my 'go to' pair, the reason for that is equally split between design, lightness and comfort. Once you have worn a Silhouette frame, it kind of spoils you for anything else.”

In fact, they are so lightweight that Silhouette is branded as the world’s lightest eyewear.

Fashionable, bespoke frames

“I wear a full rim. These have leapt forward in terms of fashion recently, but the main style Silhouette is known for is rimless. The beauty of these is that they are completely bespoke. The customer can have any combination of frame, style and colour, with any shape lens. The size of the lens is also customisable to suit the patient's needs.”

Perfect lenses

“In addition to all of this, is the fact that Silhouette now make lenses for their frames. These have the perfect base curve for the frames and the lenses, therefore follow the natural curve of the face, unlike other makes of lens that would be flatter and may distort the shape of the frame and final fit. In addition to the enhanced cosmetic appearance, the optical quality of the lens and peripheral vision is also much improved.”

Silhouette make lenses for single vision, varifocal and occupational prescriptions.

Easy to try on in store

Silhouette brings ultimate luxury to eyewear, with opulent frames available in a variety of styles and finishes, including 18-carat polished gold, inset with 32 round, brilliant-cut diamonds.

Silhouette glasses are available at our Bournemouth, Brockenhurst and Ringwood branches. Simply book an appointment at your local branch to receive expert advice about the right frames for you.

So, why not try a pair of Debbie’s favourite Silhouette frames for yourself? You will receive a free consultation, with our experienced team, to find a frame that suits your individual features, face shape and colouring.

We look forward to welcoming you into one of our branches soon.


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