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Crizal Drive - the latest innovation for safe and confident driving

What is Crizal Drive?

Crizal Drive is a new lens coating to help enhance your vision, that has been designed specifically with driving in mind.

The coating adds several benefits to your lenses, helping them to deliver sharp and uninterrupted vision, crucial for driving. At Kelly Eyecare, we are proud to be able to add Crizal Drive onto your prescription lenses with 2 year guarantee.

In this blog, we’ll look at the key benefits of Crizal Drive and how it can help you:

Optimised for driving

The new lens coating is optimised for driving and will enhance your clarity of vision, making you feel safer and more confident behind the wheel.

Reduces glare and reflections

These driving lenses reduce glare and reflections on the road which can come from all angles, including headlights, traffic lights and street lights. Glare reduction is especially beneficial for night time driving, and with Crizal Drive you can have up to 90% less reflection when driving at night compared to a standard hard coat lens without anti-reflective coating.

Dust repellent

Crizal Drive repels dust particles, giving you clearer vision, whilst making the lenses easier to clean, as they are kept dust free.

Scratch resistant

The durable lenses are scratch resistant to ensure visual clarity and are guaranteed for 2 years.

Water repellent

The lenses repel water droplets so your lenses stay clear and your vision unaffected.

UV protection

The unique coating protects your eyes from UVA and UVB rays.

Crizal Drive offers an E-SPF rating of 25, so your eyes are also protected from UV light when you step out of the car.

If you are interested in Crizal Drive, please book a free consultation at your local branch and one of our experts will be happy to discuss how we can add this advanced lens coating onto your prescription lenses.

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