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Discover Essilor’s revolutionary new Varilux XR series

We are so excited to share a groundbreaking advancement in eyecare with you!

For the very first time, leading global lens brand Varilux, has designed a varifocal lens with artificial intelligence!

Artificial Intelligence meets Eyecare

Artificial intelligence (AI) is pushing boundaries in all kinds of industries, and now, the first Varilux varifocal lenses integrate artificial intelligence.

Let us introduce the latest generation of varifocal lenses, the Varilux XR series.

What makes the Varilux XR series different?

The Varilux XR series lens goes beyond your prescription and knows how your eyes really move.

As already stated, it has been developed with artificial intelligence, using one million data points from glasses wearers, so it can predict the wearer's eye movements.

This lens responds to your visual behaviour, predicted by AI, based on exclusive real life data, to become the first eye responsive varifocal lens.

The Varilux XR series increases volume of vision by +67% in comparison to competitor’s premium progressive lenses and +49% in comparison to Varilux X series lenses.*

Benefits of Varilux XR series

Instant sharpness

The lenses provide instant sharpness, even in motion, making them the perfect fit when you are multi-tasking.

Personalised experience

The Varilux XR series responds to your eye movements for more natural vision.

Taking your prescription, your frame and your visual behaviour to create a unique personalised experience that is adapted to your way of living.

Revolutionising vision

The lenses are ideally suited to people over 40 and those with presbyopia, who struggle to focus on objects close up.

Whether you have never tried varifocals before or have worn them for years, this will be a brand new visual experience!

The advanced technology offers a seamless transition from near to far, giving you a wider field of vision at all distances than ever before.


The Varilux XR progressive lens series produced by Essilor has an eco-friendly design and is a must for anyone looking for vision-enhancing sustainable lenses.

The new series reduces plastic use by 19%, as is reported in a recent life-cycle analysis, conducted by a certified independent third party.

This means an impressive 6% decline in CO2 emissions, playing a positive part of Essilor’s and Kelly Eyecare's ongoing commitment to reducing their carbon footprint.

If you want to try the Varilux XR series for yourself, please book an appointment at your local branch.

*Stats taken from the following Essilor video:


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