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Discover Wolf Eyewear – A Testament to British Design and Innovation

Kicking off our “Around the World in 80 Frames” series, we'll delve into the innovative and stylish world of Wolf Eyewear, a brand renowned for its blend of comfort, style, and quality.

Welcome to our exploration of Wolf Eyewear, a distinguished British eyewear brand known for its high-quality, innovative designs. Since its inception in 2009, Wolf Eyewear has made a significant mark in the eyewear industry, offering a variety of stylish and colourful frames.

The Essence of Wolf Eyewear

Wolf Eyewear stands out as a family-run business, deeply rooted in the UK. It has built a reputation for supplying independent opticians across the UK and Europe with bold, beautiful, and colourful frames. The brand is particularly noted for its unique blend of quality and creativity, catering to a fashion-conscious audience.

Collections for Every Individual

  • Men's Range: Wolf Eyewear boasts a comprehensive collection of the latest designer men's frames, showcasing a commitment to contemporary style and comfort.

  • Women's Range: The women's collection from Wolf Eyewear is no less impressive, featuring the latest in women's designer frames. This range is a testament to the brand's understanding of fashion trends and individual style preferences.

  • Kids' Range: The brand also caters to younger audiences with its Cubs and Teens range, ensuring that style and quality extend to all age groups.

  • Sunglasses Collection: Wolf Eyewear's range of sunglasses for both men and women is a blend of functionality and fashion, perfect for those sunny days or adding an edge to your style

Why Choose Wolf Eyewear?

At Kelly Eyecare, we’re huge fans of the Wolf Eyewear collection because of their commitment to quality and innovation. Every pair of glasses is a statement piece, designed to reveal the 'wild side' of its wearer. By choosing Wolf Eyewear, you're not just choosing a pair of glasses; you're embracing a piece of British design excellence.

Here are our 8 top picks for frames from Wolf Eyewear:

Wolf Eyewear is more than just an eyewear brand; it's a reflection of individuality and style. Whether you're looking for everyday glasses, a pair for special occasions, or stylish sunglasses, Wolf Eyewear

has something for everyone. As they continue to grow and diversify their range, they remain a brand to watch in the world of fashion eyewear.

Drop by to your local Kelly Eyecare store and explore the range for yourself. Wolf Eyewear is available at all Kelly Eyecare stores. Visit your local store.


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