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Embracing Precision and Comfort with Stepper Eyewear

Welcome to the May edition of Kelly Eyecare's "Around the World in 80 Frames" series, where each month we spotlight a unique brand of eyewear available at our stores.

This month, we are thrilled to showcase Stepper Eyewear, a brand that combines the art of precision with the comfort of custom fit. Discover the exclusive Origin collection at our Winton practice.

Model wearing Stepper Eyewear. Classic frames with a modern twist, crafted for unparalleled comfort in lightweight, hypoallergenic materials. Explore the collection at Kelly Eyecare

A Legacy of Innovation and Comfort

Founded in 1970 by Hans Stepper, his early recognition of the importance of comfort and fit in eyewear has been the guiding principle of the brand. His dedication led to the pioneering development of injection-moulded frames designed to conform to the contours of the face, enhancing both comfort and style.

Advanced Materials for Ultimate Comfort

Stepper Eyewear's commitment to innovation is evident in its choice of materials. TX5, a cutting-edge plastic, allows for thinner, more refined designs. Meanwhile, Titanium remains a cornerstone for the brand, valued for its lightness, strength and hypo-allergenic properties, offering an exceptional alternative to traditional materials.

Stepper Eyewear Origin collection

Stepper Eyewear Origin collection
Stepper Eyewear Origin collection

Classic Designs with a Modern Twist

The current collection of Stepper frames, available for both ladies and gents, adheres to a classic styling theme with timeless elegance. Yet, at its core, Stepper continues to innovate with technology that ensures each pair is not only aesthetically pleasing but supremely comfortable.

Stepper Eyewear Origin collection
Stepper Eyewear Origin collection
Stepper Eyewear Origin collection


Experience Stepper Eyewear at Kelly Eyecare

The best way to truly appreciate a Stepper frame is to experience it first-hand. We invite you to visit our Winton practice to explore the Origin collection. Put on a pair of Stepper glasses and feel the difference—where every frame isn’t just a piece of eyewear, but a piece of art tailored to fit your life and your style.

Join us next month as we continue our journey 'Around the World in 80 Frames'. Until then, enjoy the unparalleled comfort and style of Stepper Eyewear, where every frame tells a story of quality and craftsmanship.


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