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Exploring the Vision of Reykjavik Eyes Black Label

In this edition of "Around the World in 80 Frames," we journey to the land of fire and ice to spotlight a brand that embodies the essence of Icelandic design - Reykjavik Eyes Black Label.

The inception of Reykjavik Eyes Black Label is a tale of passion and heritage, deeply rooted in the childhood experiences of its founder, Gunnar Gunnarsson. Immersed in the world of eyecare from a young age while working in his parents' opticians in Iceland, Gunnar was inspired by the intricate world of eyewear. His early experiences, from replacing lost screws to repairing broken glasses, ignited a spark that would lead him to design his own frames.

These frames are not just accessories; they are a statement of individuality, designed to suit the lifestyle of the modern wearer while drawing inspiration from the stark beauty of Iceland's landscapes. A testament to the power of simplicity and the beauty of functionality. This range focuses on lightweight materials, comfort, and timeless aesthetics, pushing the boundaries of eyewear design.


At Kelly Eyecare, we're captivated by the Reykjavik Eyes Black Label range, a collection that resonates with our commitment to quality and style. Each model, available in three colours, mirrors the Icelandic terrain's natural beauty, blending sophisticated shades with lively accents. The collection's fusion of durable titanium and luxurious Mazzuchelli acetate reflects a confident and bold aesthetic. Here are our favourite 8 frames:


This synergy of material and design is why we at Kelly Eyecare are proud to offer the Reykjavik Eyes Black Label range at our Brockenhurst and Ringwood stores.


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