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Find Out More About Silhouette ‘Color Groove’

Do you love your rimless glasses but also want a bit of colour? Or are you looking to make a statement with your glasses but still keep that minimalist look?

Let us introduce you to 'Color Groove' by Silhouette.

A dazzling array of lens shapes and vibrant colours intricately applied by hand, combined with Silhouette's very own lens technology and featherweight, flexible titanium frames, offers a fresh spin on the brand’s famous rimless design.

This culminates in handcrafted eyewear as unique as the wearer - allowing you to make a stunning yet subtle statement with your new glasses, while enjoying the premium comfort and vision that Silhouette have provided for nearly 50 years.

There are 8 colours to choose from:

  • White

  • Lavender

  • Aqua

  • Papaya

  • Orchid

  • Jungle

  • Curaçao

  • Black

Not to mention the hundreds of lens shapes and frame styles and colours! You can see a variety here worn by some of our lovely team:

Debbie wears Black Color Groove lenses.

She says: “I haven’t been able to wear rimless in the past because I didn’t feel there was enough definition in the frame for my colouring and features. However with the new colour rim I am able to wear these amazingly comfortable frames and enjoy the exceptional Silhouette lenses”

Stewart wears Curaçao Color Groove lenses.

He says: “The addition of the colour grooves allows you to express your style without compromising on performance. Rimless have never looked so good”.

Kay wears Orchid Color Groove lenses.

She says “I wear the Orchid colour, which goes perfectly with the purple frame mount I chose.

I loved the shape of the lenses but wanted to have a stand-out colour of my choice. They are for use with computers and have the Office 4m lenses”.

April wears Papaya Color Groove lenses.

She says: “Wearing glasses all day every day, I sometimes want a more subtle look, but still with personality. The Silhouette colour grooves have the subtle elegance of a rimless frame, with a pop of colour. They are extremely lightweight, and I love that you can mix and match the groove colours with the different coloured Silhouette frames. As an ‘Autumn’, I went for the Papaya orange groove colour”.

"Silhouette Color Groove – combining technology and handcrafted production"

- Roland Keplinger, Designer

For more information or to try the Color Groove lenses for yourself, come and see us in branch!


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