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How to Pick Frames That Compliment your Skin Tone

At Kelly Eyecare, we are passionate about getting your new glasses right for you.

Last month, we discussed some of the key points of getting the correct frame shape and fit to suit you. Here, we will briefly touch on how we decide on the correct frame colour.

Firstly, we will have a chat with you about the colours you like to wear and a discussion around your skin tone. Skin tones are divided into three categories:

  • Warm

  • Cool

  • Neutral

It’s important to differentiate between summer and winter for cool tones, and spring and autumn for warm tones.

Once we have determined your skin tone, we will try to establish which frame colour works with your tone. We will select a few frames from our collection and work with you to assist you to pick the perfect frame for you.

As a spectacle wearer, you want to make your frames as complimentary as possible to your look, your lifestyle and your wardrobe.

Our trained experts will spend time with you to make sure that you are delighted with the results. We have a wide selection of beautiful frames to suit all tastes and styles from the elegant, minimalist look with our popular Silhouette range to the bolder frames which make more of a fashion statement from our Wolf or Prodesign range.

For more information on our free style consultancy service and to book your appointment, please visit our website.


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