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Prevention of eye strain and fatigue

Many professions involve prolonged use of digital screens or intricate tasks that demand intense focus. Such activities can lead to eye strain, fatigue and even long-term vision problems.

To help prevent these unwelcome symptoms, we’ve put together some top tips to follow:

Wear occupational glasses that are right for you

If you are regularly exposed to glare from screens, you may find you are suffering from tired eyes, headaches and general discomfort, and questioning whether you are wearing the right prescription and if your glasses are meeting your working needs?

If so, it's essential to address these issues to protect your eye health. Take time to consider what your working environment is like. How far away is your screen? If you are working from home or have multiple screens, is your setup suitable? As all of these factors can contribute to eye strain and fatigue.

At Kelly Eyecare, we understand the challenges you face, whether you're working in an office or remotely from home. We have a wide range of task-specific occupational lenses and our experienced professionals will discuss your needs with you and guide you to find the lens that's right for you.

We recommend occupational glasses equipped with an anti-reflective treatment and an additional blue light filter, which can help mitigate the negative effects of screen time and reduce eye strain.

These lenses go beyond visual correction and reducing glare from your screens and surrounding lighting. They can also protect your eyes from potentially harmful UV and blue-violet light, while allowing essential light to pass through.

Don't settle for discomfort. By wearing occupational glasses, you can work for extended periods without compromising your eye health or overall well-being.

Get 100% UV light protection with Essilor’s Crizal Prevencia

We thoroughly recommend Essilor’s Crizal Prevencia, as it protects wearers by blocking 100% harmful UV light and cutting 20% of harmful Blue-Violet light.

Crizal Prevencia reflects UVA and UVB light and are rated E-SPF 35, which is the optimal UV protection on a clear lens.

It makes the lenses dust, water and smudge repellent, as well as scratch resistant, so wearers benefit from enhanced clarity and easy to clean lenses. Crizal Prevencia also reduces glare, so wearers experience less reflections, and benefit from uninterrupted clear vision.

Use lubricating eye drops

Staring at screens for prolonged periods can cause your eyes to become dry, irritated and tired. However, using lubricating eye drops can provide a welcome relief by adding moisture to the eyes. This can alleviate redness, burning, as well as the uncomfortable itchy and gritty sensation.

We also recommend drinking plenty of water and avoiding caffeine to further minimise symptoms.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please contact your local Kelly Eyecare branch.

For further information, visit our dedicated page on effective dry eye treatment.

Follow the 20-20-20 rule

The 20-20-20 rule is very effective at preventing eye strain, as it helps to relax the eye muscles.

All you need to do is - every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away, and blink 20 times.

Following this simple rule will increase your ability to focus and make you feel more comfortable.

To prevent eye strain and fatigue, please book an appointment at your local branch. Our specialists are ready to help!


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