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Protect Your Eyes From UV Rays This Autumn

UV is around us all of the time (even in autumn and winter). It has been shown that UV light can cause damage to your eyes in many ways and has been known to be associated with the development of certain eye diseases, such as cataracts.

Ways to protect your eyes adequately from UV light

Most people are aware of the need for some sort of UV protection, either by building it into their everyday pair of glasses by having Transition lenses or having a pair of dedicated sunglasses, such as polarising lenses with even more glare protection.

Are regular sunglasses enough to protect my eyes?

Sunglasses come in many shapes and sizes; you can get cheap or expensive sunglasses, but is it worth paying more?

The quality of lenses and the fit of the sunglasses is really important. You can get less expensive sunglasses that can have good UV blocking properties, but this only applies to light coming directly through the front of the lenses. Sunlight still manages to hit the eyes from other angles and so having a well-fitting and adjusted pair of sunglasses, which don’t slide down when you are hot, is also important.

Some sunglasses simply reduce the amount of both UV and visible light entering the eyes but the better quality of the lenses will offer a better visual experience.

For example, polarising lenses provide enhanced vision by blocking glare as well as reducing light, which makes these lenses an excellent choice for sailing and skiing.

Polarising lenses can also have additional chemical elements added to increase and enhance colour perception and will boost your vision rather than simply reducing the amount of light entering the eyes so you can see more clearly, and colours look more vibrant.

Sunglasses selection, pretty much like your glasses, should reflect your individual style and meet your requirements and lifestyle. A discussion of how they are to be used and being guided on the choice of frame will ensure that you look great and achieve good eye protection and vision.

Transition lenses can reduce UV exposure whenever you are outdoors

For some people, having two pairs of glasses is not an option and they would prefer to simply have one pair: Transition lenses are the perfect solution.

These light-intelligent lenses respond to the levels of UV light around you by darkening and fading and will give all-year-round comfort and protection, without the need to switch to sunglasses.

These lenses do so much for you without you even realising. They are our most popular selling lenses all year round and will even work when it is cold in the winter and you may not even feel the need for sunglasses.

However, Essilor’s Transitions Lenses use light-intelligent technology which automatically adapts to changing light conditions for optimal visual comfort and style – perfect for occasional trips out and back.

What are my options?

Whether you spend a lot of time outdoors in the sun, or you are just an occasional sun-worshipper, our team of optical experts are on hand to help advise on the best solutions for you.

For more information on all year round eye protection from UV and sunlight, please contact us.


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