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Recycle Your Old Glasses With Us

Many of our patients have faced the dilemma of what to do with their old glasses when their prescription changes, so now we offer a facility to recycle your unwanted glasses, when your new pair arrives.

How does it work?

We have teamed up with the Lions charity to collect, sort, reuse and recycle unwanted glasses. Simply bring your old glasses into your local store and we’ll do the rest.

Glasses that are in usable condition are sent on to Medico France, where they are cleaned and used in eye camps in Africa, India and Eastern Europe.

Any frames that are damaged or can’t be reused are used for scrap metal to raise funds for sight-related charities and to support the project. The Lions have generated over £740k from recycled materials and have donated over £525k to sight-related charitable causes, including Unite for Sight.

The Lions also work with RecycLing, who grind the spectacles and separate the plastic from the metal fragments, so the scrap materials can be sold on to manufacturers to make other products, including more spectacles!


All of our branches have a facility to recycle your old glasses. Simply drop them off at your local branch when you pick up your new pair.


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