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The Pros and Cons of Ready Readers Vs Tailored Prescription Lenses

Our vision begins to go through some changes during our 40’s. The crystalline lens in our eye starts to lose its elasticity, and as a result, it becomes difficult for us to focus on close up objects or small print. This is known as presbyopia.

Your first clue that you are developing presbyopia is normally noticing that you have started needing to hold things at an arm’s length to see them clearly. Don't worry though - it's completely normal and happens to everyone!

If you’ve recently developed presbyopia and you've never worn glasses before, you'll be looking for a pair of reading glasses to save your aching arms.

While shopping for reading glasses, you have two options to choose from: prescription reading glasses and off-the-shelf "ready readers". But, what’s better for you?

We’re here to help you decide by looking at the pros and cons for each.

Ready reader glasses or tailored prescription glasses?

Though it can be tempting to just head to the local shop to pick up a pair of off-the-peg ready reader glasses, it's vital to consider the advantages of having a professional eye test first. Instead of attempting to guess your own prescription, having a comprehensive eye test not only ascertains the precise prescription needed but also evaluates overall eye health and uncovers potential vision challenges.

For a quick snapshot into the differences between ready reader glasses and tailored prescription glasses, check out the table below:


Ready Reader Glasses

Tailored Prescription Glasses

​Quick fix for immediate vision correction (e.g. reading or up-close tasks)

Reduce eye strain

Customised vision correction

Suitable for complex prescriptions

​Optimal comfort and fit

Customised lens features (e.g. coatings, UV)

Wide range of styles


Mainly for reading

Corrects near-sightedness, farsightedness, astigmatisms & more

Ready readers offer some conveniences, such as accessibility and affordability. They serve as a quick solution for those who just want to magnify the fine print occasionally. It is great to have a spare pair of ready readers around if you need to quickly read a text, change the channel or read a menu. However, these advantages pale in comparison to the benefits of tailored prescription glasses, as wearing the wrong strength ready readers can actually cause headaches and eye strain. Ready readers only deliver magnification in a small range of strengths. They won’t actually help to correct your vision, just make things appear bigger and closer.

Customised to an individual's specific visual needs, prescription glasses not only ensure optimal clarity and focus, but also provide a more comprehensive approach to eye health.

You also have access to our wide collection of frames, ranging from exclusive designer brands to budget-friendly ranges. We know it can be daunting choosing glasses, which is why our friendly team of professional dispensing opticians will also be on hand to help you find the right frame that not only fits well and feels comfortable but looks amazing too!

In the long run, while ready readers may present a more cost-effective choice initially, tailored prescription glasses represent a worthwhile investment in one's visual health and comfort.

To find the right prescription for you and customised glasses to suit your lifestyle, please book an appointment at your local branch.

Also don’t forget to visit our offers page to find take a look at the discounts we can offer!


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