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Top 3 designers: Picked by our Brockenhurst team

To give you lots of inspiration for your next pair of glasses, we’ve decided to start a new mini blog series, showcasing each of our branches' top three designers and why they love them, to help you find a style that best suits you.

First up, is the top 3 designers selected by our fabulous Brockenhurst team:


Just like the jewellery, Tiffany and Co glasses are synonymous with elegance, innovative design, superior quality and creative excellence.

We can’t get enough of their on trend shapes, with exquisite temple details inspired by their signature jewellery collections, such as the Tiffany HardWear gauge link and the signature T motif.

The frames are beautiful, with wearable colours, intricate details and a bit of bling for an added wow factor. You can’t go wrong with a stunning pair of Tiffany glasses!


Outspoken frames are beautifully unique and are a perfect fit if you’re looking for something a bit different. Outspoken frames always try to emphasise the quirky personality of the wearer.

We love how Outspoken combine different acetate plates into unprecedented colour compositions. The plates are laminated in their own factory, into exuberant colours, so that they will not be found in other brand collections!

The colour combinations are stunningly different and you can either play it safe with a neutral shape, or go fully wild and have one lens circular and one square! Why not pop into your local branch and try a pair!

Ronit Furst

Ronit Furst eyewear is aimed for the creative, unconventional and free-spirited, and is all about self expression, daring choices and timelessly chic.

Ronit Furst is a well-known Israeli sculptor and ceramics artist, and in 2002 she established the eyewear brand, which gradually gained recognition due to her original, colourful designs.

Each piece in Ronit Furst’s collections is beautifully hand-made and hand-painted using materials of the highest quality to provide impeccable functionality and durability. If you are looking for something that is completely unique and will stand the test of time, look no further than Ronit Furst!

Keep an eye on our blog page for more top designer glasses, next up will be the top 3 designer glasses carefully selected by our Winton team.

If you’ve been inspired by our designer collections and would like a free style consultation with one of our style experts, please book an appointment at your local branch.


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