Introducing Road Pilot.. our must have driving lens

85% of drivers experience glare. 11% will avoid driving at night.


Lights at night can create reflections and glare. They can come from all directions and different sources; headlights, traffic lights, street lamps, the elements... the Road Pilot lens can turn the driving experience into a real pleasure by removing troublesome glare.

Crizal Drive has been specifically designed to aid driving both during the day and throughout the night. It reduces the number of reflections by up to 90% when driving at night, resulting in comfortable vision and improved visual acuity.

Furthermore, modern windscreens block UV light meaning that standard photochromic lenses will not adapt even in the brightest conditions.


Transitions XTRActive technology will adapt to visible light as well as UV making it an ideal component for your lenses for driving. By adapting to our ever changing light conditions, the Road Pilot lens will help to combat glare, meaning you don’t have to change your glasses. 

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