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    Meet the team

    Each team member is highly qualified and trained to detect a wide range of eye conditions while also delivering a high level of service.

    Our pledge is to do everything we can to be friendly, professional and make your visit completely stress free.

    Most senior team members have over 20 years of experience working in optics and are skilled at listening carefully to your concerns.

    All professional team members undertake regular training to stay up-to-date with developments in the field.

    They also mentor younger staff, giving us a dynamic and expanding team with lots of fresh ideas.

    In addition, we are always looking at new products and new technology, giving you the most up-to-date eye care experience.

    Every team member shares our compassionate customer care values.

    Come and meet them


    Mike and Sonia

    Optometrists Mike and Sonia Kelly established Kelly Eyecare by opening our first practice in Brockenhurst in 1989. Together they have created a culture and tradition of outstanding eye care, with client service to match, and probably the widest choice of frames in the area.

    Mike and Sonia have carefully built a team of fully-qualified dispensing opticians and optometrists in whom you can have supreme confidence. These professionals are supported by friendly and knowledgeable front desk assistants who will help you every step of the way.

    Location: Brockenhurst, Ringwood, Winton and Parkstone

    Alison (FCOptom)

    Alison is an optometrist who has lived and worked in Ringwood for 29 years. She has been with us for the last eight years. Alison qualified in 1977. She is also involved in glaucoma monitoring and referral refinement schemes in Hampshire and Dorset. Her relaxed, friendly and professional manner means customers return year after year.

    Location: Ringwood

    Louise (MCOptom)

    Louise qualified as an optometrist in 1999 and has been with us since 2007. She has a particular interest in glaucoma monitoring and contact lens fitting. Louise enjoys seeing patients of all age. Her wealth of experience means she has a caring and logical approach.

    Location: Winton

    Sue (MCOptom)

    Sue qualified as an optometrist in 1983 and has been working at our Parkstone practice since 2002. She also undertakes glaucoma monitoring. Her ability to put people at ease, along with her professional and caring nature, makes her a popular choice with customers of all ages.

    Location: Parkstone

    Katie (MCOptom)

    Katie began working in Parkstone over ten years ago and has many years of experience as a locum in other ophthalmic practices. She qualified in 1987 and also undertakes glaucoma monitoring. Her friendly manner and logical approach to optics is appreciated by both customers and colleagues.

    Location: Parkstone

    Alex (MCOptom)

    Alex qualified as an optometrist in 2011 having studied at Cardiff University. Initially working for a clinic offering laser eye surgery, he then undertook further training in the treatment of Dry Eye; a common condition causing eye irritation. Alex enjoys using the latest technology when performing eye tests and can offer contact lens correction as well as glasses to suit most people. In addition to his regular work at Kelly Eyecare, Alex is involved with performing eyesight medicals for potential pilots. Outside of work he is a keen fitness enthusiast, rock climber and motorcyclist.

    Location: Brockenhurst, Winton & Parkstone

    Sarah (MCOptom)

    Sarah has worked in optics for 25 years, having first qualified as a dispensing optician in 1993. She then studied to become a contact lens optician before becoming an optometrist in 2012. Sarah is a friendly, caring and highly professional team member with excellent customer relations skills.

    Location: Ringwood & Winton

    Carrie (MCOptom)

    Carrie qualified as an Optometrist in 1997. She joined Kelly Eyecare in 2011 and now works a couple of days a month covering our Winton branch. Carrie is also registered to provide glaucoma management and DVLA field plots. Carrie is an excellent communicator and listens carefully to customers requirements. She has a professional and organised approach to her work and this makes her a popular and valuable member of the team.

    Location: Winton.

    Jo (MSc MCOptom)

    Jo has been qualified since 1995 and gained a Masters in Clinical Optometry in 2005. She has studied modules in children’s eyecare, contact lenses, diabetes, glaucoma and low vision. Catch her while you can as she is a keen runner and chair of the Gillingham Trotters and Wessex Wizards Triathlon Club.

    Location: Brockenhurst, Winton & Parkstone

    Sam (MCOptom)

    Sam is a qualified optometrist with over 20 yrs experience, bringing a vast array of expertise to Kelly Eyecare, including being registered on the Glaucoma screening programmes. Sam works as a locum optometrist in our Winton branch and prides himself in being friendly, highly professional and caring for each patient’s individual requirements.

    Location: Winton.

    Dispensing Opticians

    Kathleen (FBDO)

    Kathleen has been a dispensing optician for over 30 years. With her wide knowledge of lenses and frames she is able to give first class advice. Kathleen particularly excels in advising on frame colour and style combinations.

    Location: Ringwood

    Andy (FBDO)

    Andy qualified as a dispensing optician in 1987 and has over 30 years of experience in retail optics. He joined us in 2008 and is the manager and dispensing optician at our Winton practice. Andy is known for his high level of care and patience. His technical skills, along with his meticulous approach, means customers get the very best possible eyewear fitting. As a passionate AFC Bournemouth supporter, Andy can often be heard discussing the fortunes of the club!

    Location: Winton

    Sophie (FBDO)

    Sophie qualified as a dispensing optician in 2013 and is the manager of our Brockenhurst practice. She is very conscientious and always professional. Sophie has an approachable manner and is comfortable providing expert advice on frame styles and colours, as well as best choice of lens. She is currently enjoying time off on maternity leave and will be back to the practice at the end of 2018.

    Location: Brockenhurst

    Julia (FBDO)

    Julia joined us as a branch manager in October 2014 and brings with her 20 years of experience in optics, ranging from boutique independents to multiples. She has a thorough understanding of lens types and prides herself on dispensing the correct lens to give her clients the best possible vision. Since joining our Parkstone practice she has brought new ranges into stock.

    Location: Parkstone

    Anne (MFDO FADO)

    Anne has been a dispensing optician for over 30 years and is the manager of our Ringwood practice. With her wealth of knowledge in both frames and lenses, she is adept at giving the best advice. Furthermore, because of her sporting interests she is also well placed to give advice on specialist eyewear for pursuits including shooting and fishing.

    Location: Ringwood

    April (FBDO)

    April joined Kelly Eyecare in June 2015, having graduated in 2014 with a first class honours degree in Ophthalmic Dispensing from Anglia Ruskin University. Having won an award from the Association of British Dispensing Opticians, April has recently passed her final qualifying exams, after building up knowledge working in a contact lens specialist practice, as well as Kelly Eyecare. She has a keen interest in the fashion side of optics, including frames and coloured contact lenses. In her spare time, April enjoys wildlife conservation, and is passionate about animals.

    Location: Winton and Parkstone and Brockenhurst



    Nick started his career as a technician and has since taken on a dispensing role. He works across all our practices, sharing the benefit of his knowledge and experience in optics. Nick’s technical abilities give him a distinct edge and often mean that we can repair items on site rather than sending them away. His kind and caring manner makes him a much-valued member of the team.

    Location: Ringwood, Winton and Parkstone


    Jo began working in optics when she left school and performs management duties at our Parkstone practice. Jo now splits her time between work and home. Although she only works a few days a week, she still retains her well-earned popularity. Jo is an experienced dispenser with a kind and conscientious manner. Her job only ends when the customer is fully satisfied.

    Location: Winton and Parkstone


    Vanessa started working in optics with Dollond & Aitchison over 25 years ago covering various roles, including: dispenser, area trainer and manager. Vanessa joined our Parkstone practice in January 2009 to cover maternity leave and opted to stay. Her current role involves training and mentoring upcoming optical assistants and helping with business administration.

    Location: Brockenhurst

    Optical Assistants and Receptionists


    Barbara has a wealth of experience in optics and has worked at our Winton practice since it opened in 2005. She has had a major influence on the development of the business into the successful and vibrant branch it is today. Barbara is a friendly, caring person. She is also a talented frame stylist.

    Location: Winton


    Jean has been in the optical profession for over 25 years, working for both independent and multiple opticians. She has worked full time for eight years at our Ringwood practice as an optical assistant and administrator. Jean also has previous managerial experience, which helps the practice run efficiently.

    Location: Ringwood


    Emma is an Optical Assistant and works at our Brockenhurst practice. She has over ten years of optical experience and qualified as an optical assistant in 2014. Emma is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic when it comes to contact lenses, and enjoys teaching patients how to use and look after them. Emma can also be found helping out on our reception desk and keeps things running smoothly and efficiently.

    Location: Brockenhurst


    Christine began working at Parkstone in 2006, having been a customer for many years. She is very knowledgeable about contact lenses and the administrative side of optics. Christine can be relied upon to give friendly, honest advice. Her customer service skills are second to none and her amiable nature always puts customers at ease.

    Location: Parkstone


    Katie works at our Parkstone branch and has over 2 years optical experience. She works mainly at the reception desk but does enjoy helping patients with their frame styling. She has excellent interpersonal skills and makes sure every patient feels welcome and appreciated. She makes a welcome new addition to the Parkstone team.

    Location: Parkstone